Control model trains with a Nintendo Wii Nunchuk and Arduino

Are you a model railway enthusiast who is stuck behind a control panel, watching your trains run from a distance? Or would you like a more realistic method of controlling locomotives without having to pay for expensive digital command control systems? Then this next project will be of interest. Using an Arduino development board and a motor control shield in conjunction with a Nintendo Wii Nunchuck many control possibilities exists!

Not only does it allow walk-around control (with a long cable) you can control speed, acceleration/deceleration rates, set maximum speeds, enjoy cruise control, roll to stop and more. This would also be great for allowing children to use the control – you can limit the maximum speed to avoid a scale tragedy.

Watch the following video for a quick demonstration of the control features:

The ability to control trains in this manner offers the ability to combine many functions into the one piece of portable hardware, and also create your own versions of control. For more information review the project page here:


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