Play retro LCD games using a PC and an Arduino board

If you grew up in the early 1980s, you would probably be familiar with the Nintendo “Game and Watch” simple game units, or one of the knock-offs used in the former Soviet Union. Tobie Nortjie was tasked to create a way of playing computer-simulated versions of these games on a large television. (Yes – computer simulations of a computer game).

The system works with games that had the basic left and right controls, such as “Parachute” and “Merry Cook”. A simple circuit with the required number of buttons is controlled by an Arduino board, which then sends the data back to a PC running a python script which then interprets the commands for the emulated video game. For a quick demonstration of a game running on a PC, watch the following video:



By enclosing the large television inside a wooden frame with the same design as the handheld game a huge waiting room device can be constructed. Just add arcade-size buttons and you’d be set with a gigantic video game. And Tobie also did just that for his client in the following video:



There are many PC emulations of the old games available, and for those and more information about the project, visit here: And in the meanwhile if you want to play some old emulated games and relive the past, click here:

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