Build your own LED Party Hat for fun and amusement

Engineer Nick Schulze needed a form of procrastination while studying for exams, and was presented with an ideal opportunity after being invited to a hat-themed birthday party. This resulted with his LED party hat – an illuminated piece of headgear that is bound to impress. You can see it in action in the following video:



By creating a simple frame in the shape of the hat, Nick had the required scaffolding for the rest of the electronics. Instead of building a PCB for the project, he simple mounted various components around the frame and connected them with enamelled copper wire. Even the microcontroller has been soldered in ‘dead bug’ style which is functional and artistic in a technological manner.

As shown in the video a variety of animations are possible, and with the addition of various sensors more interactive displays could be generated. When recreating your own, it would be a good idea to have the programming pins from the microcontroller seperated into a bunch to make reprogramming easier. In the meanwhile, for complete details visit Nick’s website here –


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