The remote-control Cockroach

It seems that researchers from the North Carolina State University in the USA have created a scientific breakthrough with their ability to remotely control cockroaches. The reason for doing so was to have a sensor device that could be controlled and told to visit small spaces, and gather data in other situations inaccessible by larger devices.

The whole concept seemed ludicrous; however by attaching wires to the cockroach’s abdomen it can then be controlled with small electrical currents. By then fitting them with tiny cameras or a radio transmitter, the cockroaches cam can be controlled and used to explore new areas and environments. You can see a quick demonstration of the RC cockroach here:



We’re glad to see that it works, and for the first time in a long (or even any) time a positive use for cockroaches has been found. Considering small HD-capable video camera units can be less than 25 x 25mm – the cockroach can be sent into some dark hole or disaster area, and take recordings of the area and other measurements with other sensors if necessary. They’re certainly creepy yet technological things of interest  – so click here for more information:

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